Kenya EdTech
Summit 2022

A convening for powerful public and private sector influencers
who can move the edtech ecosystem forward towards evidence-based,
technology-enabled teaching and learning
Karen Rd, Nairobi
23rd -24th
November 2022

The Summit has been
co-created by thought leaders from across our ecosystem

Representatives from across the ecosystem – including edtech entrepreneurs, practitioners, researchers, funders, ecosystem builders, policymakers, connectivity providers and community leaders – came together to co-create a conversation that reflects the unique needs and viewpoints of different stakeholders within the Kenyan edtech ecosystem

Goals of the Summit

The Kenya EdTech Summit will create a more connected, evidence-driven movement around using technology to produce an inclusive, effective and resilient learning system in Kenya. To enable this, we have three main goals for the Summit

Create a connected, evidence-driven movement

We aim to create one coordinated discussion that builds upon the conversations happening across other edtech platforms.

Build clarity and empathy for collaboration

We will host conversations to demystify the process of collaboration and provide insight into promising local initiatives.

Close the gap between research, policy and practice

We will host sessions that allow attendees to interact with the most recent evidence.

Summit Attendees Represent
Our Diverse Ecosystem

Attendees are a curated group of actors from across education and technology who have deep expertise and can catalyse meaningful conversations and impactful collaborations in their own organisations and communities
EdTech Entrepreneurs
EdTech Practitioners
Ecosystem Builders
Policy Makers
Connectivity Providers
Community Leaders

Session Highlights

This year’s Summit brings opportunities for structured learning and co-creation, with informal learning and conversations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kenya EdTech Summit?

A 2-day convening for public and private sector influencers who can move the edtech ecosystem forward through evidence-sharing and collaboration.

Where and when is the Kenya EdTech Summit?

In-person sessions will be held at CEMASTEA on 23rd-24th November. Virtual sessions will be announced soon. Add your details to the mailing list to sign up for more information on virtual attendance.

How do I attend the Summit?

This is an invite-only event, but you can follow the conversation via our socials. If you are interested in attending virtual sessions, add your details to the mailing list.

How can I support the movement?

The Summit is just the beginning of our conversation. If you want to get involved moving forward, please add your details to the mailing list. 

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